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(2019-05-31, 01:50)sniferx1 Wrote: @rmrector Awesome tool..... and thanks for your valued contrubutions....

When can we expect to see " animated artworks"..... At minimum  "Animated Posters". I have seen to option to download extra type via command line within the settings and want to know what to use for "animated posters"
To scan animated artwork in your kodi is not a problem at all.
You have to use the "ADDITIONAL ART TYPES" section in the ArtworkBeef settings. Just type in there wich artwork types you so want to scan into kodi -> animatedposter, animatedfanart
Then run "add missing artwork for ..." all.
But before you have to put and name the artworks manually nearby you have storaged your other artworks dependent on wich system you have chosen.
If all your artwork has moviefilename prefix then "moviefilename-animatedposter.gif","moviefilename-animatedfanart.gif", if your other artwork is named without prefix just name "animatedposter.gif","animatedfanart.gif"

On all skins i tried supporting this only animatedposter is working clean on my testings, i experienced several problems with animatedfanart so i stopped using them.
But if you more meant not only the scan into kodi function but also a download function so the all in one stuff like the artwork types, this isn't possible in ArtworkBeef yet.
First of all we need a place were all animated artwork is collected together and second an API access to this collection.
But wait a second ... since about 1 month we already have:
the KyraDB API (free 2 use)
thread: 343391 (thread)

All collected animatedposter and animatedfanart collected on animated artwork main thread 215727 (thread)
...and more is accessable via the KyraDB API (free 2 use)

All to do is to implement it into ArtworkBeef the same way the stuff is implementent.

(BTW via this API support more "non-official" artwork types beside animatedposter and animatedfanart accessible there via API, also characterart for movies and actress png's can be requestes from API)
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