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(2019-08-08, 19:03)rschiks Wrote: I don’t find “in case of emergency” that obvious for an API key, so I can understand some users don’t get it working.
And obviously the question is asked, why 2 keys Nod
Usually on all API provider (FANART.TV, TMDB, TVDB, TADB) there is a project API hardcoded in Artwork Beef addon.
The "in case of emergency" boxes are only a fallback if they are not functional atm.
Just as the AB settings are currently set up, i think it was still the best desicion to place the API key there where all others are registered.
For me, it was pretty logical from the start if 2 KyraDB API checkboxes are here, also enter 2.
Perhaps less logical for people who are less experienced in dealing with Artwork Beef.
I think i remember @rmrector has mentioned this on the first integration release of KyraDB.
Perhaps it would be more logical to show both boxes in a row with a note that both must be entered.

But this still not explains why several people report problems and got errors also with other Provider (TVDB, FANART.TV) on AB bulk/batch.
No idea if it has something to do with KyraDB implementation or not.
On my small testings, still on 0.25.0 KyraDB, FANART.TV, TVDB... all working fine.

But i think it will be fixed soon. Member who have problems/errors should provide full pastebin logs for faster troubleshoot.
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