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(2016-03-06, 19:38)DanCooper Wrote:
(2016-03-05, 12:09)T-bird_se Wrote: Further testing and more about sets:
Empty DB in Kodi and let Ember sync
No set artworks shows in Kodi
Looking in Kodi DB and artwork paths is a mess, in first set only a image name without a path and for the rest they points to images in movie folder and not to movie artwork folder. Just like if you let Kodi run the update and don't run MSAA

Do you have set the MovieSet Artwork path for the host in Kodi Interface? Should be looking like smb://SERVER/SHARE.

EDIT: ... and moviesets are only synced if you sync it. There is no autosync while movie syncing.

I only had a standard unc path, adding smb: and now it works

(2016-03-06, 19:46)DanCooper Wrote:
(2016-03-04, 19:14)T-bird_se Wrote: Seen this in Set handling on empty Ember DB, sources is fully loaded from
nfo for sets never load
TMDB scraper don't work, only results from fanart
Cosmetic bug (this is an old bug) in movie list, the year shows two times, like Dirty Harry (1971) (1971)

MovieSet NFO/images are not loaded automatically while movie update. I've tested it, but that slows down the scanning process to much. Use F5 or Tools => Reload all MovieSets. Also you have to manually add the MovieSet NFO file name in expert settings (<settitle>.nfo).

TMDB: Movie, tv show? Title?

Cosmetic bug: please upload a screenshot.

Adding it to expert settings works but why is it needed?
F5 doesn't do anything but reload all sets does

TMDB: It's in sets so on any movieset open edit sets and scrape folders or fanart, no result from TMBD only fanart.tv

Screenshot of cosmetic bug (it must be short movie names to see it)

Thanks for all help and your hard work

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