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WIP Ember Media Manager ALPHA - Discussion Thread
(2016-03-07, 00:44)Esky Wrote:
(2016-03-07, 00:09)DanCooper Wrote:
(2016-03-07, 00:00)Esky Wrote: Hi there,

I've been playing around with the alpha9 build and am so far loving it ! I have managed to get moviesets to update in kodi in real time when changed in EMM.

But I'm struggling to get normal movie artwork to sync in real time.

I have the 'sync in real time' option enable in the Kodi interface module (the check connection returns successful message), and I have the 'Kodi interface option' enabled in the movies --> files and sources --> kodi section.

I haven't enabled the extra images banner/clearart etc. as this was causing EMM to download <moviename>-banner etc files - all my artwork is named banner.jpg clearart.png (using expert settings)

I have tried reloading the individual movies after making an edit, and also choosing Tools --> Kodi Interface --> Update library but the artwork is not being refreshed in Kodi.

I'm running a raspberry Pi with Openelec/Isengard

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The Kodi Interface works with any file name, we only set the path of each image to the Kodi database. I suppose you have mapped the sources in the module Kodi Interface host settings, so it think you currently are showing the movie list in Kodi. If that's true, you have to leaf the movie list in Kodi and go back to the main menu. If you go back you should see the addition images. Kodi do only create a database call if you enter the list.

If that was'nt the issue you have to check the Ember log file if an ID was found while syncing.

Hi Dan, thanks for your quick reply.

I believe I have the sources mapped correctly - I clicked the populate sources button and the correct type was selected for movies & TV Shows (The Kodi source field however is blank - is that correct ?)


I have tried coming out to the main menu and back into my movie list, but the images are still not getting refreshed.

The following is the last few lines from the log after I changed an image for the movie '9'

2016-03-06 22:31:50.9795,EmberAPI.ModulesManager,EmberAPI.ModulesManager.ScrapeImage_Movie,1,TRACE,[ModulesManager] [ScrapeImage_Movie] [Done] Y:\Movies\9 (2009) 720p.BDRip\9 (2009) 720p.BDRip.x264.mp4,
2016-03-06 22:32:05.8138,EmberAPI.ModulesManager,EmberAPI.ModulesManager.RunGeneric,1,TRACE,[ModulesManager] [RunGeneric] [Start] <MediaPlayerStop_Video>,
2016-03-06 22:32:05.8138,EmberAPI.ModulesManager,EmberAPI.ModulesManager.RunGeneric,1,TRACE,[ModulesManager] [RunGeneric] Run generic module <VLC Player>,
2016-03-06 22:32:05.9113,EmberAPI.ModulesManager,EmberAPI.ModulesManager.RunGeneric,1,TRACE,[ModulesManager] [RunGeneric] [Start] <AfterEdit_Movie>,
2016-03-06 22:32:05.9113,EmberAPI.ModulesManager,EmberAPI.ModulesManager.RunGeneric,1,TRACE,[ModulesManager] [RunGeneric] Run generic module <Renamer>,
2016-03-06 22:32:05.9369,EmberAPI.ModulesManager,EmberAPI.ModulesManager.RunGeneric,1,TRACE,[ModulesManager] [RunGeneric] [Start] <OnNFOSave_Movie>,
2016-03-06 22:32:05.9369,EmberAPI.ModulesManager,EmberAPI.ModulesManager.RunGeneric,1,WARN,[ModulesManager] [RunGeneric] No generic modules defined <OnNFOSave_Movie>,
2016-03-06 22:32:36.8172,EmberAPI.ModulesManager,EmberAPI.ModulesManager.RunGeneric,1,TRACE,[ModulesManager] [RunGeneric] [Start] <OnTrailerSave_Movie>,
2016-03-06 22:32:36.8172,EmberAPI.ModulesManager,EmberAPI.ModulesManager.RunGeneric,1,WARN,[ModulesManager] [RunGeneric] No generic modules defined <OnTrailerSave_Movie>,
2016-03-06 22:32:48.9373,EmberAPI.ModulesManager,EmberAPI.ModulesManager.RunGeneric,1,TRACE,[ModulesManager] [RunGeneric] [Start] <Sync_Movie>,
2016-03-06 22:32:48.9373,EmberAPI.ModulesManager,EmberAPI.ModulesManager.RunGeneric,1,TRACE,[ModulesManager] [RunGeneric] Run generic module <Kodi>,

No, sources are not mapped. You have to click on "Populate Sources" and map it like this:

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