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(2016-03-31, 00:53)Fail$tyle420 Wrote: I renamed my trailer files to "theme.ext" for an addon in kodi and everything works beautifully. I ran ember, updated the expert naming for trailers to "theme" and after rescanning the library it all seemed good. I went back to rescan a movie's nfo only and noticed that down in the bottom left of the window where the filename and location is, it was pointed to theme.ext. Looked at the entire list and about 25% are pointed to theme file instead of the movie file.

So, I went back and changed the available theme extensions and added .mkv/avi/mp4/mov/webm to the list, rescanned and still no go. I added the following to the advanced settings.xml file:
<Setting Section="*EmberAPP" Content="None" Name="NotValidFileContains" DefaultValue="">theme</Setting>

tried again, still sees theme.ext as the movie. Anything else I can try?? Huh

*EDIT* Also, for the files that it sees the theme.ext as the movie, if you refresh metadata or rescrape nfo it will save theme.ext as a copy <filename>.ext resulting in two trailer files.

You need a trailer as theme.ext?!? A theme is not a trailer, a theme is a sound file of movie/tv show theme. Sounds like a crappy addon... but anyway...

First, you have to add/replace this line in AdvancedSettings.xml (works only in latest Alpha or higher):
<Setting Section="*EmberAPP" Content="None" Name="NotValidFileContains" DefaultValue="">theme|trailer|sample</Setting>

- reset the "Valid Theme Extensions" back to defaults. You can't use the Theme system for Trailers in Ember.
- add "theme" to Settings => Movies => Files and Sources => Expert => Single/Multi/VIDEO_TS/BDMV => Trailer
- disable Settings => Movies => Files and Sources => File Naming => Kodi Defaults => Trailer to no longer save a trailer as <filename>-trailer.ext (attention: this means that Kodi no longer recognizes the trailers!)
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