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I've had a chance to use the latest version. Here are thoughts:

It asks me for my profile on start up every time.

I got a random crash or two, but I couldn't pin down why it was happening.

I have no idea what I'm supposed to do to get the Kodi sync option working. I'm quite excited about that though.

I have not made any use of the imdb tv scraper yet, but I am highly anticipating it. I imagine there is a lot of work involved with all the improvements.

I'm happy with the option to search video/short from the scraper. Had not seen before.

For the new image scraper (from within the edit movie area at least), when I doubleclick it opens a new window. You have to rightclick to select the video. Personally, I think doubleclick should select the video and there should be a rightclick option to open in new window.

For the bulk renamer, it might be interesting to provide a few default options that are popular. I'm familiar with regex, but maybe not everyone is.

I changed the setting Sort Tokens to Ignore and it takes forever to update. Not sure why it takes so long. If you just had a list/array of strings, then it should be very fast to figure out whether a change needs to be made. Maybe you could SQL to get the full list of movies, do some string processing on that to figure out which need to have names changed. Then the currently slow operation only needs to get done on those. You also really only need to make an adjustment to ho the Sort Tokens to Ignore has changed. Not re-do it from scratch.

Also, when I changed that setting, it didn't bring me back to the list of movies. The screen was blank.

I can't seem to get the movie set artwork working. In the old version, I had a folder where it saved them all. But since I had to do a clean install, it wasn't picking it up. I just deleted my folder and wanted to start over. Is it the Backdrops folder? Anyway, when I re-scraped the sets, it also asked me about matching the names on them and it saved some information, but I'm not sure where that is. There is clearly some plot information saved. One downside is that with nfo files (or saved images), I would have a pretty clear idea of what is downloaded or not. I had to skip some and now the only way to know if they have information in them is to go manually through the list.

I hope the wiki adds some descriptions on what some functions do. Rewrite all movie content sounds dangerous. Export isn't entirely clear, especially since there is also an Export Movie List (It looks like Export Movie List searches TV anyway. All things considered I would probably prefer a csv export in addition to html, with the option for additional columns to add, like imdb ratings, year, etc. But I would consider this very low on the list of things I would want...). Not that I need an explanation on these things currently. I don't plan on using them. It just makes using it easier for someone new. Even something like tooltips would be helpful.

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