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(2016-05-17, 18:58)Drazzilb Wrote:
(2016-05-17, 17:25)Drazzilb Wrote:
(2016-05-17, 17:04)DanCooper Wrote: You have to set that via the "guisettings.xml":

    <extralogging default="true">true</extralogging>
    <screenshotpath default="true"></screenshotpath>

Rodger that, I'll give you what I can when I get home to fiddle with it.

I had a reason to head home today, so while I was there. I took the chance to get this.


Hope that includes what you're needing, if not I'll try again later.

Looks like an issue/bug in Kodi :-(

Kodi starts scanning and has finished it at 05:19:22 T:47634503218944.
Ember call a check if the scanner is still running at 05:19:23 T:47634064492288.
05:19:22 T:47634503218944  NOTICE: VideoInfoScanner: Starting scan ..
05:19:22 T:47634503218944  NOTICE: VideoInfoScanner: Finished scan. Scanning for video info took 00:00
05:19:23 T:47634496915200   DEBUG: webserver: request received for /jsonrpc
05:19:23 T:47634064492288   DEBUG: Previous line repeats 1 times.
05:19:23 T:47634064492288   DEBUG: JSONRPC: Incoming request: {
                                              "jsonrpc": "2.0",
                                              "method": "XBMC.GetInfoBooleans",
                                              "params": {
                                                "booleans": [
                                              "id": 4

Kodi always send "yes, it's still scanning" back to Ember and Ember still wait for a "false" to do next step in Syncing process:
22:54.1 TRACE [APIKodi] [Kodi Headless] ScanVideoPath: "smb:// Fast 2 Furious (2003)" | Start scanning process...
22:54.2 TRACE [APIKodi] [Kodi Headless] IsScanningVideo: True
22:55.2 TRACE [APIKodi] [Kodi Headless] IsScanningVideo: True
22:56.2 TRACE [APIKodi] [Kodi Headless] IsScanningVideo: True

So I don't know what Kodi's problem is. For me it works with latest Windows version of Kodi 16.1.
As workaround you can run a database update in Kodi (or Ember => Tools => Kodi Interface => Update Database) to let Kodi scan the paths and create a database entry. After that you can manually sync the media from Ember. At this point, Kodi should known the media and give back an ID to Ember for the sync.
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