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(2016-07-13, 19:26)michaeljtaylor Wrote:
(2016-07-13, 18:13)DanCooper Wrote:
(2016-07-13, 17:51)michaeljtaylor Wrote: Dan,

the changes you made in alpha 18 work for me with my season specials, thank you... just another quick question. I currently use themetabrowser but will be moving to ember.. question is does ember or can ember use existing artwork and nfo files? would like to migrate without having to rescrape and/or the least amount of issues if possible.



Ember can read NFO if they have the same nodes like Kodi/Ember use(maybe you can post a NFO on http://pastebin.com/ for me to check it).
It's also possible to add any file name for posters, fanarts ect. in expert settings. Please also post a screenshot or list of your existing image file names.

actually i had some time so I remoted into my nas and grabbed all the info you requested.

this is what a movie folder currently looks like. all movies in separate folders

movies\divergent (2014)
divergent (2014).mkv
divergent (2014).nfo
divergent (2014).jpg
divergent (2014)-fanart.jpg (redundant and will eventually delete)
divergent (2014)-poster.jpg (redundant and will eventually delete)
divergent.tag (netgear tag file, don't need and will eventually delete)

sample nfo file http://pastebin.com/eJQ2sgHJ

pretty sure I can configure ember to name all artwork to match so hopefully the nfo is good to work with ember.

thanks again for your help and great program


Images looks good, but you have to keep all <filename>-fanart.jpg and <filename>-poster.jpg. Default Kodi image naming for movies is always <filename>-imagetype.ext. Look at our table to find the proper ones: Link

But the NFO looks horrible Confused
There are some issues you have to fix manually:

the Top250 value has to be 0 or another integer, empty is not allowed:

all "false" and "true" values have to be in lowercase, not "False" or "True":

Maybe there are more issues in other NFOs...

But there is an easy way to fix all NFO (in two steps or so) with TextCrawler. You can use simple regex find and replace all bad entries. Use this one:


Reg Ex:






do the same for False

EDIT: Btw, I whould rescrape all NFO and metadata after adding your movie the Embers database. There are some informations missing. You can use the Custom Scraper to rescrape only NFO and Metadata to keep your existing images and trailers.

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