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(2016-07-15, 16:56)DanCooper Wrote:
(2016-07-15, 16:44)RavenFire Wrote:
(2016-07-12, 09:39)DanCooper Wrote: Damn, I forgot.
I thinks it's an issue with votes or rating value for this tv show. Please check both values. Votes should be integers only (no spaces or other characters), rating should be a double value, that means 5.8 and not 5,8.

Do you have allready have an NFO for the file? If yes, please upload the tvshow.nfo and the episode NFO.

PS: Session 01 is not a correct tag to mark the file as episode 1. You have to use the official Kodi naming: Link

Hi Dan,

Yeah, Session 01 is just because that's how the show is actually named. I'm not partial to it, and will definitely rename it.
I don't have any episode nfo file.

I did get a tvshow.nfo created by another app - it's here:

series.xml is here:
The tvshow.nfo looks good and can be readed without an error. The file series.xml will be ignored by Ember.

So I can't reproduce your error, even if I rename the episode file to a proper file name Huh

Very strange - well I've renamed all episodes to this format:
X:\usenet\TV\Cowboy Bebop\S01E01 - Asteroid Blues (720p).mkv

And it scanned just fine after that...
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