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(2016-08-02, 19:00)DanCooper Wrote: It works with "Band.of.Brothers.s01e01.mkv" and "Band of Brothers.s01e01.mkv".
If Ember does not recognize a file then in most cases the file is already saved in database, but orphaned. You can try to run a database cleanup (Tools => Clean Database). That process should remove all files that are no longer linked to an existing tv show.
Dan, I know that it is /supposed/ to work with either of those files, but I have found that sometimes it just cannot find a file unless I rename it. For Band of Brothers, I could substitute the dots for spaces or vice versa, but I cannot do that with Entourage.

I performed a database cleanup and then updated the library and re-scraped the show. It is now showing that there should be more than 2 episodes in season 1, but it thinks that they are missing from my hard drive and has them greyed-out in the episode list. I cannot manually enter the File Path (under the Plot), so I don't know how to get Ember to see them.

Another example of "confusion" that I'm having is with a TV Show called The Leftovers. There are 2 seasons but I only have season 1 stored in this folder. When I loaded the library and scraped this show, it seems to think that there are two episodes in season 4 (no season 3). They were associated with files in a different folder, but I deleted them from the database. I did another database clean and re-scraped the show, but it still thinks that there is a season 1, season 2, then season 4. Curiously, thetvdb.com lists a season 3, but all 8 episodes have no episode title or air date.

Monty Python's Flying Circus is kind of like Entourage. It knows that there is a season 1 & 2, but it thinks that all episodes are missing from my drive. It found the files for all episodes in seasons 0, 3, and 4.

Is my database just hopelessly trashed? Do I have to remove all shows, clean database, then start again? I guess I'm willing to do that, but I need to know how to prevent it from happening again. Do I have too many TV shows for it to update the library and scrape all in one go? Do I need to move them to a different folder, then slowly add the files back in, updating and scraping a little bit at a time? Do I have to completely uninstall Ember and reinstall, and if I do that is it possible to save my Movie library?

Many questions, and thanks for your help.
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