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(2016-08-06, 01:02)tinyhands Wrote:
(2016-08-04, 17:40)DanCooper Wrote:
(2016-08-04, 15:49)tinyhands Wrote: One thing I did notice is that updating the watched status of an entire show (by clicking on the dot) causes Ember to crash. Not sure if this is a known bug or not. It updates the status for all episodes of all seasons, but then closes. If I click on the season dot or individual show dots it updates just fine. It crashes even for shows with only one season. The workaround for me is to update the seasons individually.

Works for me. Please upload your log to pastebin.com
<script src="//pastebin.com/embed_js/YRLdyMP1"></script>

See error below. Note that it first set all episodes to "watched" then gave an error and quit. Might it have something to do with missing episodes?


Update: Most shows update the watched status correctly if I click the dot, it's just Chappelle's Show that crashes Ember (so far).

But I've got another error now too. I was scraping show by show and when I got to Game of Thrones it failed to set fanart. It downloaded 270 extrafanart files but it wouldn't set anything as the fanart. So I tried removing the show from the database, deleting all the files that weren't episodes, cleaning the database, and attempting to reimport. Same thing. Now I'm getting an Out of Memory error that crashes Ember if I try to edit the show. Just one line in the log file -
PHP Code:
DefaultSource    Critical    3    Out of memoryUnhandled Exception

Restarting Ember, I can skip this show and scrape other shows (so far).

Remove all Extrafanarts. Ember can't handle so much images. The Edit dialog converts the jpg's to uncompressed bitmaps to list the Extrafanarts in Edit dialog (1 Mb jpg ~ 5 Mb bitmap).

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