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(2016-09-01, 09:56)madmax2 Wrote:
(2016-09-01, 09:00)DanCooper Wrote:
(2016-09-01, 00:24)madmax2 Wrote: Dan,

can you also add two bugs to your not fix list which i posted way back in this thread
or do i need to add to bugtracker myself?

Bug1 - context menu bug
2387333 (post)

Bug2 - renamer bug (critical bug)
2366365 (post)

Links are broken...

Hmm not sure what happened there but i was trying to link to my comment

Anyway here is the page

Bug2 - renamer bug (critical bug)

there seems to be a bug in Renamer module in Alpha release.

It is not renaming the files correctly.

Despite using this setting for TV show renamer
-$Z - $W2_S?2E?{ - $T}
-Automatically rename after single and multiscraping

My files is getting rename to this..

ShowTitle - S01E01 - ShowTitle S01E01.mkv

OR sometimes to this, if I do an update library or rescrape

ShowTitle - S01E01E01 - Title - Title.mkv

There's a possibility it is cause by the custom scrape button.
Mine is set to ALL (automatic) , All Items

That was the bug if you add a new tv show with episodes without any NFO?

I think the renamer bug has something to do with the scraping bug or existing NFOs:
Ember set the cleaned up episode file name as title if the episode can not be scraped while update the database (tv show is not scraped or no unique ID is known). If you scrape now the tv show and an episode can't be scraped (or with the other bug episode scraping is disabled), then Ember save the temp. title "ShowTitle - S01E01" as "proper" titel to NFO and the renamer change the filename to "ShowTitle - S01E01 - ShowTitle - S01E01.mkv". If you now remove the tv show from Ember and re-add it to database, Ember recognize the episode as multi-episode (ShowTitle - S01E01 - ShowTitle - S01E01.mkv) and chance the filename to something like "ShowTitle - S01E01E01 - Title - Title.mkv".

The only way to fix that if you change the file names, delete the NFOs and do a proper rescrape. Or chance the episodes manually in Ember via contextmenu => change episode.
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