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(2016-10-03, 14:51)DanCooper Wrote:
(2016-10-03, 14:41)murkyl Wrote: I'm having some issues with Ember picking up extra files. I sometimes keep miscellaneous files associated with a movie/TV show in a directory called .extra. Ember is picking this up and trying to make it into an actual Episode or movie sometimes.

I have the following in Settings -> Options -> File System -> Excluded Directories:

But they still show up. In one of my series I'm getting Season 1280 showing up because of this.

Excluded Directories is only to add full paths that should be ignored, e.g. if you have your porn movies inside the movie source ;-)

You have to exclude single directory names by AdvancedSettings.xml (NotValidDirIs). Check this thread for more informations: Undocumented AdvancedSettings
Do always add your directories to the default list!

Edit: and yes, maybe I should rename the option to Excluded Paths Big Grin

Edit2: and don't add bdmv and stream to the list.

Why shouldn't I add bdmv or stream to the list? I actually have some BD rips that I do not want Ember to process normally. I do something a bit weird in that I use a soft link at the file system layer to link to the main movie file instead. I don't like to have extra files littering the BD file structure.

But thanks for the advice. Lots of stuff to edit in the advanced settings file! I'll give that a try. Thanks for the help!

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