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(2016-10-07, 16:33)boppyman Wrote:
(2016-10-06, 16:32)DanCooper Wrote:
(2016-10-06, 15:59)boppyman Wrote: Ah yeah i checked that as well lol, It confused me but now i see the *fixed* stuff.

I'm still using Gotham, do the defaults stay the same or do i have to use the expert settings in the file naming for Movies and TV shows?

Also when i re-add all my stuff should i just check "keep existing" on everything so it just loads up all the previously downloaded info and images?

Thanks, and thanks for the ultra quick reply beforehand Big Grin
Gotham is newer than Frodo, so you have to use the Frodo file name settings.
Keep existing means that the images will not been changed while (re)scraping.

(2016-10-06, 15:59)boppyman Wrote: Edit: Ive just seen something else, is the path in the moviesets for Kodi and Kodi addons the path to where the NFOs and artwork is for my sets?

But I whould use the "Kodi Interface" settings for all extra image types and moviesets. If you use the Kodi Interface (Settings => Modules => Kodi Interface) you can sync to images directly to a running Kodi client without running the addons in Kodi each time you have added or changed something. But with the Kodi Interface it does not matter which file name you use, the KI always sends the path to Kodi database.

Edit: here is a list of all file names that Ember, Kodi and the addons use: Link

ATM my stuff is labeled like this and i add the images to Kodi with Artwork Downloader set to use local files.


The only thing it doesn't load up is the Logos for TV shows and i can see why now with the diagram you posted as mine are labeled clearlogo.

Doing it the way you suggested doing it sounds way better. Does that mean i have to rename the banner, clearart, logo, disc and landscape in films with <file-name> and character to characterart in TV Shows before it for it to work?

The question is: do you want use the ArtworkDownloader (AD) addon and MovieSet Artwork Autimator (MSAA) to push the extra image to Kodis database or do you want use the Kodi Interface (KI) in Ember?
The KI can handle any file name, you only have to enable it in the file name settings and reload the movies/moviesets/tv show to let Ember search for this file name.
The Kodi addons accept only the file names that the addon use.

If you want use the KI you can let Ember create the files with this steps:
- enable all default movie file names for Kodi Frodo/Helix, Kodi Interface, AD and MSAA
- run Tools => Reload all Movies to let Ember scan your sources for all enabled file names. Now Ember also should find the files are created by the addons.
- go to settings and disable all addon file names (AD and MSAA)
- run Tools => Rewrite all Movie Content. At this point Ember loads the images from your disc and re-save it again with all file names that are enabled. Now all <filename>-imagetype.ext should also bee created
- use Explorer or something else to search and delete all no longer needed files in your movie sources. *

* Note that BDMV and VIDEO_TS folders use different file names. You can see that also in my file name overview.

Atm there is no way to to the same for moviesets or tv shows. But you only have to rename the files manually or with a tool like Bulk Rename Utility.

TV Shows:
- rename character.* to characterart.*
- rename logo.* to clearlogo.*

- rename *logo.* to *clearlogo.*

Now you can disable all no longer needed file names for MovieSets and TV Shows. After that you also can use Tools => Reload all MovieSets / TV Shows to rescan your sources.

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