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(2017-01-23, 19:12)DanCooper Wrote:
(2017-01-23, 18:59)axlt2002 Wrote:
(2017-01-23, 18:41)DanCooper Wrote: It's depended on scraper ordering and if you've enabled actor scraping in each scraper. Ember use the full list of actors from the first scraper that have enabled actor scraping and give back any actor while scraping. There is no comparing between different scrapers.

I've added limit and "only actors with image" filter for the next alpha release.

Thanks for your prompt answer Dan.

For TV Shows actors, I'm using IMDB only. For example, if you take a look to the Westworld cast available on IMDB, it looks quite impressive...but the scraper downloads only six actors (that are the first six in the cast list). That was why my question...

I think that the modification you have implemented is really useful! "only actors with image" will be available for Movies too?

We always use the "combined" page on IMDB to get all informations. But yes, only 6 actors are listed on this side. We don't parse the actors in the "more" link. The reason is that IMDB list any actors of the whole tv show, even if they have only a 10 second scene. I think it's not very useful to list so many actors as "base" actors for a tv show. I think TVDB is the best source for tv show informations. They has a separate list for "tv show actors" and a "episode actor" and "specials guest" list for each episode.

"only actors with image" is already available for movie in Settings => Movies => Scraper-Data

Thanks a lot Dan for the explaination. I guess that adding the limit option for the TV Shows will make possible to scrape also the "more" link for a more complete cast list. I also think that TVDB is really a good source for TV Shows (for several reasons) but, if I'm not wrong, for the "Series level cast", only the cast of the last Season is considered...Am I wrong?

Ok, I just overlooked the "only actors with image" option under Movies...thanks for highlighting it! Wink
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