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(2017-03-26, 04:05)badbob001 Wrote:
(2017-03-26, 01:33)DanCooper Wrote:
(2017-03-25, 22:07)badbob001 Wrote: Poster resize bug?

If I enable resize of movie posters and set it to max 1000 x 1000, scrape and select a poster, nothing is actually downloaded and the entry shows no poster. If I uncheck resize, the poster gets downloaded. Does resizing require third-party tools to be installed?

No, no additional tools are needed. But I've tested it with same settings and it works for me with Alpha 23.3 x64

I think I found the cause. I have 'Keep existing' unchecked since I thought that option would cause the poster scraper to ignore existing posters when I do what all posters to be redownloaded so they can be resized. But having that option unchecked prevents it from downloading posters (at least for me). If I check it on, posters now download and get resized.

Hmm, sounds strange. "Keep existing" does not scrape a new one if Ember already has recognized a local/existing image. But resize should also working if this option is enabled and the existing image is bigger that your limits.
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