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Ember has been very slow to start up (over 2 minutes) since upgrading to Alpha 23.3 x64.

I select my profile, then the splash screen status message just sticks at "Select profile", like it's not moving on to the next phase of startup. I'm not sure if it just takes a really long time to load a profile, or if it's doing something else without updating the status message.

I've tried removing my profile and starting afresh, which speeded things up, but it's back to being slow once I've added sources, even without having run "update library", so the library is empty.

I'm running on Windows 8.1 in VMWare Fusion on a Mac, with two sources on drives shared from the Mac and two mounted over SMB from a DroboFS, so there are plenty of opportunities for bizarre behaviour here :)

Is there a way I can see what it's sticking on?

(The notifications' "slide in" animation is really slow in VMWare, too — it would be great if there was an option to skip the animation and have them just appear and disappear, as I have to disable notifications completely at the moment…)

Update: it's similarly slow to load the settings, especially if it's scraping stuff in the background. Even without a scrape in progress, it takes about 20-30 seconds to open the settings window — it should be instant!

Right now I'm rescraping the Premiered date for all 126 TV shows as many are wrong. I've tried to open the settings window while this has been happening and I've been looking at the words "Loading Settings" for FIVE MINUTES with no indication of when the window will appear — and I've now forgotten why I wanted to open the wretched thing in the first place! Meanwhile, the Kodi Interface Task Manager shows 487 pending tasks. (I would have expected a maximum of 126 if it's just rewriting the .nfo, but it appears to be re-uploading all the images to Kodi too. Fortunately, I wanted to do that anyway, but it seems an awful lot of extra work to just change a date!)

Is it giving priority to these background tasks over the foreground task of displaying the settings window? That foreground task should have been pushed to the front of the queue, with background tasks being temporarily suspended if the foreground task is taking too long, shouldn't it? Or is the scrape locking the settings dialog, in which case it would be more user-friendly to display a message saying "cannot change settings while a scrape is in progress" and then return control to the user.

Sorry, if the above sounds rather irritable, but I've been trying to sort out various outdated metadata (like half the Premiered dates being wrong because TVDB seems to have sent back 1969-12-31 rather than an empty field when it doesn't know the right date) and it's taken nearly a day so far…

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