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(2017-07-26, 19:31)DanCooper Wrote:
(2017-07-26, 19:24)fubar013 Wrote: Just checked, and sure enough, the Extended Images section was completely unchecked. How it got unchecked, I have no idea.

After fixing that, it looks like it's not downloading any extrafanarts.

Kodi Defaults -> Extrafanarts is Checked for both Frodo/Helix & Eden
Scrapers-Images -> Extrafanarts Preferred size is 3840x2160, Only is UNChecked, Limit is 0(For clarification, my assumption is 0=unlimited)

Here is a log post-scrape of a movie:


Can't see any issue in log. Which version of Ember do you use? Log file is to short (as always) to see the version number...
Yes, limit of 0 means unlimited. But that is an awful value, even if you scrape manually. Why someone wants ALL fanarts saved as extrafanart/extrathumb? Limit of 4 should be enough, but that's only my opinion... ;-) I don't now a skin that shows more than 4 extrathumbs. And 4 extrafanarts should also be enough...

I'm running Alpha 23.3 x64, sorry should have mentioned that at the beginning.

As for my extrafanarts...well..I've got the room, and I like artwork, so why not all the artworks? Rofl

But more importantly, I changed the flag from 0 to 99, and sure enough, it started pulling extrafanarts. Took it one step further, and changed it back to 0, and scraped a different movie, and we're back to it not scraping any extrafanarts.

For my purposes, I can leave it at 99, and not be concerned at all, but it's just a weird anomaly. I haven't made any changes to my configs, save for adding sources for media, since I stared scraping everything, but in the past 3 days, something has happened to bork something. It seems like the new changes have put everything back to normal, but yeah...

By the way, thank you for the quick responses! Smile

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