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(2017-07-27, 15:39)DanCooper Wrote: For the search results list we use the search results from IMDB: Link
As you can see, the title is "Arthur 3: la guerre des deux mondes". At this point we don't parse the details page for each search result, that would take much too long. Only if you select an entry or while full scraping we parse the details page with all information and AKA titles.
When I use that link, I get 'Arthur 3: The War of the Two Worlds', which is what I want, and not the original language title that you get. Maybe the imdb page knows I'm in the US and only shows me the english title?

I don't want the AKA title so why does the 'Manual IMDB Entry' field mysteriously does more work and gets it?

I currently have 'Force Title Language' set to USA.

If I change it to blank, the search results still shows the original title, BUT the manual imdb entry now shows the original title instead of the AKA USA title.

If we look at the imdb AKA section...
It looks like:
  • Seach will return the 'original title'
  • IMDB manual entry will use the Forced language option and return the matching AKA title
BUT how do I get the World-wide english title, which for me, is the same title used on IMDB for this movie? In the Force Title Language dropdown, there is no option for World-wide. Leaving it blank results in the original title and not the world-wide title.

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