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WIP Ember Media Manager ALPHA - Discussion Thread
(2017-07-30, 10:10)DanCooper Wrote:
(2017-07-30, 05:42)Malx Wrote: I'm having an issue with movies fanart, poster etc being named <movie name>-fanart.jpg and <movie name>-poster.jpg when I have the option "each movie is their own folder" enabled. I want them named fanart.jpg and poster.jpg because kodi doesn't see the files otherwise.

(2017-07-30, 06:10)Karellen Wrote: @Malx,

Quote: I want them named fanart.jpg and poster.jpg because kodi doesn't see the files otherwise.

Not quite correct. The naming of artwork depends on your file structure.

If you have 1 movie per directory, then you get the simple "fanart.jpg" names.

If you have lots of movies per directory, then you end up with "<VideoFileName>-fanart.jpg"

As Karellen said, that's not correct. Kodi recognize as <stackedfilename>-imagetype.ext for movies.

Your answer is also not 100% correct. You can use <stackedfilename>-imagetype.ext also for movies with separate directory. "imagetype.ext" works only for movies in separate directory, that's true.

The point is: <stackedfilename>-imagetype.ext works in any case, also Kodi use that pattern for database export. Kodi get the "imagetype" from the column "type" in the table "art". Known "types" are:
- characterart
- clearart
- clearlogo
- discart
- fanart
- landscape
- poster
- thumb

IMO the "defaults" for movie file naming is that what Kodi use for export. That's also the reason why I used that for our Kodi and Extended Images (Kodi Interface) defaults in Ember.

The Kodi addon "Artwork Downloader" does not use <stackedfilename>, that's the reason why the addon does not work for multiple movies in one folder. Also the addon uses some wired file names like "disc.png" for discart and "logo.png" for clearlogo. This file names do not match the names that are been used in table art. That means you will have two files after exporting Kodis database: e.g. "disc.png" and "discart.png".
For this reason we also added the file name settings for the addon "Artwork Downloader" in Ember.

Here is a list of all file names that are been used by different settings and addons: Link

The Kodi Interface can sync ANY file name to Kodi. But IMO you should use the Kodi and Kodi Interface defaults at all.

Ok thanks for the information. The reason I asked is because when I do add everything to kodi's library it always ignores the <movie name>-poster and <movie-name>-fanart file and downloads a fanart.jpg and poster.jpg on its own, one I did not specify unless I manually change the name beforehand.
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