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WIP Ember Media Manager ALPHA - Discussion Thread
for some reason im getting this error when i try to sync ember to kodi...
generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi    generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_20_GetPlaycount_TVEpisode.MoveNext    5    TRACE    [APIKodi] [Pi3] GetPlaycount_TVEpisode: "And Now His Watch Is Ended" | Start syncing process...
generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi    generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_31_SearchTVShow.MoveNext    17    WARN    [APIKodi] [Pi3] SearchTVShow: "V:\TV_Shows-2\Game.of.Thrones" | NOT found in host database!
generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi    generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_29_SearchTVEpisode.MoveNext    17    WARN    [APIKodi] [Pi3] SearchTVEpisode: "V:\TV_Shows-2\Game.of.Thrones" | TV Show NOT found in host database!
generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi    generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_20_GetPlaycount_TVEpisode.MoveNext    17    ERROR    [APIKodi] [Pi3] GetPlaycount_TVEpisode: "And Now His Watch Is Ended" | NOT found on host! Abort!
i also scrapped in ember and used the kodi library update which both do show the tv show in the library but for some reason ember wont sync yet the tv show is displaying across all my kodi devices using a sql database. i noticed that other tv shows in the exact same root directory do sync fine.

like i said, the when i add a new tv show, i put it in the tv shows folder and use ember to scrape the data which then syncs to kodi just fine but it does show that error notification yet its showing fine on the devices. i just cannot get watched states because it doesnt find it yet ember added it fine without updating within kodi the library.
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