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Hi Dan,
Weird things happened when I cleaned the DB. Basically it seemed it could not find many of my NAS areas so deleted/cleaned many of the shows and movies (yes that is what it should do) but they were available. Wondering if somehow it did not wake them up like normal or something? Anyway, that is only a minor flaw, when I basically went to rescan them, it kept crashing HARD with the Input String was not in a correct format'.

Luckily I tweaked around a bit and I think found the problem, it was not actually where the operations crashed from what I could see, I think it was looking ahead. It kept crashing at Archer 2x13 double trouble.avi, but was actually crashing on the file that was named, Archer - Heart of Archness- Part 1-2-3.avi . It was obviously not properly named, but there were nfos for everything else in the directories and when I changed that name to the proper naming format Archer - S00E04-E06 - Heart of Archness Part I & Heart of Archness Part II & Heart of Archness Part III, then I could finish scanning the information and complete the copying the info back into the database. I guess I had not scraped the show in forever so it was not getting hung on that before or something, or maybe it was actually erroring at the double trouble episode but I do not think so since changing the name fixed the db scan. Anyway, here are the logs for yesterday (where the stuff got wiped) and today where I kept having it crash. Unfortunately they are both very long but I hope it provides what you need. Also note, it had been years since I had this kind of problem, so I don't know if its new or old.

Let me know if you need any other logs or anything. Thanks for all your hard work.

Here is the log where things got wiped during db clean operations https://pastebin.com/btHz99Fp
and here is the huge log with the crash multiple times and other scans of my system, and the scan after it is fixed. Oops, pastebin cannot handle a file that big (its 39,196K) how do i get it to you?

Never mind, I think it will work with this google drive link. It was in process of updating other directories when this was copied.  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oJmsGhO...sp=sharing
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