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(2017-12-01, 01:58)redglory Wrote:
(2017-12-01, 01:53)DanCooper Wrote:
(2017-12-01, 01:23)redglory Wrote: Hi Dan, 

I was trying to set my sources to Portuguese so that the plot's and such get scraped in Portuguese.

On the other hand I've set Original Title for both movies and tv shows titles. I get non english original titles, but as they are very rare in my collection, I'll change them manually after/before scraping.

My problem is that, for tv shows, the episodes title are scraped using portuguese and not the "original title" I've chosen. Does this parameter only work for the tvshow title and not the episodes title?

Would be great if episodes titles would follow the same logic.

 There is no scraper that provides episodes original title. IMDB has that info, but I think I will reduce the IMDB episode information to rating only.   
I ended up changing the scrapers order and force episode title to USA...

If you remove episode title from the IMDB scraper I'll be back to square one Big Grin

I think that it would be great if we had an option to scrape individual fields (like plot) in a different language than the other fields. But I think this would take much more time while scraping?!

Another idea would be to have this option just for individual scraping, like scraping just the plot 
"Force Title Language" works only for movie and tv show titles, not for episode titles. But as always on IMDB, the titles for all content is in english, so also the episode titles will be the english title (in 99% of all cases).

The point is: TMDB use the same episode numbering like the TVDB "aired/standard" ordering and split each "multiple" episode to an own episode. IMDB use his own ordering. There are multiple show like "Spongebob" that IMDB combine 3 episodes to one. So it's not possible to get a proper result if you've the epsiodes splitted. Also I've to parse so many pages on IMDB to get the results for an episode if the IMDB ID isn't known.
You've set the IMDB scraper to the first position. In your case for new episodes Ember has to parse the tv show page to get and parse the seasons list page, on the seasons liste page Ember has to search and "regex" the seasons list to get the "all episodes of that season" page, parse this page to find the correct episode by episode number to get the IMDB ID of the needed episode. As you can see, it needs tooooooo long to scrape.

If TMDB nor TVDB provides the original title for episodes I can't add an option to use it as episode title. I mean the english title from IMDB isn't always the original title (e.g. japanese tv shows).
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