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(2017-12-02, 04:49)quraz070219 Wrote:
(2017-12-01, 22:30)Fail$tyle420 Wrote:
(2017-12-01, 18:56)quraz070219 Wrote: Hello!

Im currently using the kodi interface module along with the movie set functions of ember. I was able to create a few movie sets and those synced properly. But after some time I decided to create more sets and now those sets don't want to sync. According to the notification, when I re-sync one of the old movie sets they sync fine. But if I sync the new sets I just made the notification says they failed. I've tried re-scraping them and reloading them but the same notification shows up.

What else can I provide you guys to debug this? 

When you say you "created" what do you mean?  Did you scrape a movie's collection info and then try to scrape the movieset or do you mean that you created a set from scratch?
*EDIT* Give me a step by step of what you did.   
I right clicked on the movie set list on ember and tapped add movie set. Then typed in the name of the movie collection (For example, "Avengers Collection") pressed ok in the dialog. When the edit movie set window came up, I typed in the TMDB ID.

I repeated this about 8-10 times for other collections then automatically scraped all of them. After each of them were scraping, a notification would appear saying that the syncing failed.  
 Didn't notice if this got answered or not, too lazy to go back and read Tongue

Ok, best bet is to scrape the movie first.  Make sure you have settings enabled to auto import the movie into a set (Edit->Settings->Movies->Scraper and Data->Add movie automatically to collections).  When you scrape a movie that has a set, it will auto create the listing in sets and place the movie into there.  Then, right click the movie set and choose scrape.  Now, if you are trying to add an already scraped movie, just right click the movie and choose to scrape info->Collection ID only, then scrape the movieset.  If the set is already created, the movie will be placed into it.  As far as the syncing, I honestly don't know, maybe upload a log.
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