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(2018-01-07, 17:32)Blankster Wrote: Hi All,

I've quite a big movie collection (2.6k movies) and running out of space. As more as I think about it as longer I see no sense in keeping movies I won't watch again. So I had the following idea:
  • I'm actively rating all movies I've watched @ Trakt.tv. 
  • I want to have "enough" unseen movies with an IMDB rating of at least 6
  • If I watched them and rated it, I only keep movies with a personal Trakt.tv rating of at least 7 (means for me I would watch it again or recommend it to a friend for watching)

I thought about what's the best way to deal with my collection beside writing an own tool or spending too much time. What would be the best approach to get this done with Ember? I guess it would be something like:
  • Sync the watched state and (my) rating of all movies with Trakt and overwrite the IMDB score and watched status
  • First filter to keep only watched movies in the selection (how?)
  • Sort this filtered list by rating descending (how?)
  • Delete all movies (not just from the database; the files have to be deleted) with a Trakt rating by myself of below 7 (=> means all watched movies recorded on Trakt with a personal rating of below 7)
If this is currently not possible. How can I at least sort my movies by rating?

Any help would be great Smile   
Personal ratings like you can get it from Trakt.tv or Kodi are saved as "User Rating" in the latest builds (only that ones from komplex, not the latest officiall alpha). So it will be possible to create an own list to filter your movies.
ATM the Trakt.tv module in Ember is broken, but here is a SQL query that should create a list how you want (posted in another thread for Media Lists related questions): Link
You can create these custom lists under Settings => Misc => Media List Editor.
You also have to un-hide the "User Rating" column in Settings => Movies => General => Movie List Sorting and than you can click on the column header to sort by your user rating. In the filter panel is the dropdown menu to change the list to your custom created filter from other thread.

Select the movies your want to delete from harddrive and use the context menu or CTRL+DEL.

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