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Hello Dan,
thanks for your new IMDB scraper.
I've found couple issues:

1) <role> tag is saved with unnecessary space characters if there is additional role description in parentheses ()
<role>Pharmacy Cashier                                (uncredited)</role>
should be:
<role>Pharmacy Cashier (uncredited)</role>

2) <credits> tag saves "See more"
<credits>See more ┬╗</credits>
shouldn't be saved at all

3) <mpaa> tag does not save MPAA rating description
<mpaa>Rated R</mpaa>
should be:
<mpaa>Rated R for violence/horror, bloody images, and for language</mpaa>

4) Can you please add option to only save first studio (like it was in EMM 1.3) from scraped list instead of multiple studios
<studio>New Line Cinema</studio>
<studio>RatPac-Dune Entertainment</studio>
<studio>Vertigo Entertainment</studio>
<studio>Lin Pictures</studio>
<studio>KatzSmith Productions</studio>
with new option:
<studio>New Line Cinema</studio>

5) Can you please add option for user to select custom digit grouping symbol for Rating/Votes count (or maybe even better option to just save original Rating/Votes values from scrapers without EMM touching them)
Explanation for this: I use non English regional settings in OS, but I'd like to have original values from IMDB for Rating/Votes instead of saving them in my regional format. Currently I have to change regional settings to English (US) everytime before I start EMM then change it back to original when I stop using EMM. This is really uncomfortable and confusing since I'm using also other applications which reacts to these changes (ie File manager).

6) Country-Tag: Save country abbreviation(s) instead of full names(s) checked in Movies - Scrapers - Data - IMDb doesn't work
<country>United States</country>
should be:

Thanks for your work!

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