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(2018-01-14, 19:37)DanCooper Wrote:
(2018-01-14, 14:18)ezechiel1917 Wrote: Hello Dan,
thanks for your new IMDB scraper.
I've found couple issues:

1) <role> tag is saved with unnecessary space characters if there is additional role description in parentheses ()2) <credits> tag saves "See more"3) <mpaa> tag does not save MPAA rating description4) Can you please add option to only save first studio (like it was in EMM 1.3) from scraped list instead of multiple studios5) Can you please add option for user to select custom digit grouping symbol for Rating/Votes count (or maybe even better option to just save original Rating/Votes values from scrapers without EMM touching them)
Explanation for this: I use non English regional settings in OS, but I'd like to have original values from IMDB for Rating/Votes instead of saving them in my regional format. Currently I have to change regional settings to English (US) everytime before I start EMM then change it back to original when I stop using EMM. This is really uncomfortable and confusing since I'm using also other applications which reacts to these changes (ie File manager).
6) Country-Tag: Save country abbreviation(s) instead of full names(s) checked in Movies - Scrapers - Data - IMDb doesn't work

3) there is a new option in the IMDB scraper settings to get the full MPAA description (additional site to parse, needs longer to scrape)
 3) IMDB MPAADescription is bugged, if I check it, apply or ok then reopen settings it is remains unchecked. IMDB MPAA Description is not scraped either.
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