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WIP Ember Media Manager ALPHA - Discussion Thread
(2018-02-06, 03:26)Fail$tyle420 Wrote: Keep any/all artwork located next to the movie.  Go to expert naming options and put in: <filename>
Then you need to reload all movies, Tools->Reload All Movies 
 OK, that x86 (32bit) version of EmberMM worked.

After installing, I went to Movies>Files>Add Source and pointed EmberMM to a test movie folder with three movies each in their own folder and including an nfo and poster jpg - all with the same name. (In one of the movie folders, I deleted the nfo file.)

Folder: Mississippi Burning (1988)
Movie: Mississippi Burning (1988).avi
NFO: Mississippi Burning (1988).nfo
Poster: Mississippi Burning (1988).jpg

I also disabled the Kodi, NMT, and Boxee features and enabled Expert file naming.
For NFO and Poster under Expert file naming, I typed in "<filename>" - literally everything between the quotes.

I also disabled Scrapers-Images and Scrapers-Themes under Movies - I don't need these features.

I'm seeing three issues.
1. Initially when the movies are recognized by EmberMM, the nfo's that are in movie folders show up as present in the movie listing along side the title and the text contents are shown in EmberMM. However, when I click Tools>Reload All Movies, the movie information are then listed as missing - even though the nfo's are still in their respective folders and the nfo data is still displayed in EmberMM. After Reload All Movies, a "No Information is Available for this Movie" message also displays.

2. The poster jpg images do not show up either before or after Reloading All Movies - neither in the movie information display window nor as a checkmark in the movie listings along side the title.

3. The intentional missing nfo for the one movie is not replaced when I re-scrape this movie. The data without a poster shows up in EmberMM until I Reload all Movies even though an nfo file never appears in the movie folder.

I'm sort of thinking I've got too many installs of EmberMM and this may be my issue? I've imaged my drive so maybe I should reload an older image of the OS-MePo-EmberMM, un-install my old version of EmberMM, and start fresh with the latest EmberMM?

Sorry about all the questions. I really do appreciate the help!
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