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(2018-03-07, 17:07)DanCooper Wrote:
(2018-03-07, 16:28)temuy Wrote: Hello all, i was using EMM for years without problems, yesterday i was upgrading version to 1.4.8 everything was ok with the upgrade, but when i enter to EMM settings are gone
i was looking in profile/default an saw 5 .emm files (database files i think)
and the last two files are Myvideos43.emm with 146,432 bytes and Myvideos43.emm_tmp 14,262,272 bytes so i think something went wrong upgrading database and thats why i have a smaller .emm file and bigger .emm_temp file
So, anyone know what can i do to fix this error? I also have a backup of the version files, and tested and worked fine

thanks in advanced temuy
PSConfusedorry for me english still learning
First, you should use the latest daily build: Link 

*.emm_tmp will be build while Ember tries to upgrade your database. If Ember get an error while upgrading, a new database will be created. That's the small MyVideos43.emm. To old one which Ember upgrades from is still there and has a lower number then 43.
Please delete MyVideos43.emm and also MyVideos43.emm_tmp, install the latest daily build and try it again. If the database upgrade on the first start also ends in an empty database then post the latest log (.\Ember Media Manager\Logs) on http://pastebin.com so I can look what's the problem in your old database. 
 Thank you very much for your fast reply, i tried with the lastest build but same result, here is the complete log https://pastebin.com/rL8WTXw9 
I think the error is here with the moviesource table or something like that

2018-03-07 12:30:24.7910    EmberAPI.Database   EmberAPI.Database.bwPatchDB_DoWork  5   ERROR   "bwPatchDB_DoWork   Unable to open media database connection."  "EXCEPTION OCCURRED:System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteException (0x80004005): SQL logic error or missing database
  1. no such table: moviesource

Best Regards

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