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WIP Ember Media Manager ALPHA - Discussion Thread
(2018-05-15, 20:27)DanCooper Wrote:
(2018-05-15, 18:36)dr-oopie Wrote:
(2018-05-15, 09:35)DanCooper Wrote: Check the Ember log to see what exactly the problem is. It should work, Ember only can't combine the tv show to one entry (but you now that already). Maybe its something with the mapping in the KI settings? You also can see the path in the log that the KI searches on Kodi.    
 here is the log. i synced the last episode in 1 hard drive, and the first episode on another hard drive. https://pastebin.com/x5gHDmWv it doesnt find it in the database but it is in mysql when scanned for new content in kodi andd when i use ember to go to the file it opens just fine in the directory of the episode.

i have all my drive mounted on a linux share in /mnt/sdX1. i use nfs but mount them to windows as a network share smb just for access. in the sql i do see all files as nfs://server/sdX1/Folder/Series etc. in the kodi interface within ember, it has the correct nfs location for the root of the media.      
Kodi is case sensitive if your run it on Linux/LibreELEC. Is this path correct?:
 yes, just verified it. i am at a total lose at this. i really think that it has to do with the Views query that fills it with the first enterie. 

i have split up other tv shows the same way, putting season 1 of another series from hdd1 to hdd3 and season 2 on hdd6. after scanning for new content, hdd3 season 01 syncs fine but not season 02 on hdd6. it populates that views.episode_view the same way as the screenshot. funny thing is, i did it again starting with season 02 being scanned first and then moving and scanning season 01 which results in the same thing just with season 01 listing where season 02 is, not in its correct location. 

so i am not sure how its being populated. because all other locations are showing up properly in all other tables of the sql. maybe its using "idShow" and auto populating all the info from the previous "idShow"? i dunno im just at a user level lol
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