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WIP Ember Media Manager ALPHA - Discussion Thread
(2018-05-17, 00:13)DanCooper Wrote:
(2018-05-16, 21:18)dr-oopie Wrote:
(2018-05-16, 20:09)DanCooper Wrote: If this is the path in the SQL table:
than Ember can't find the idShow for the episode that has to be synced with the path:

So there has to be a stacking info somewhere in your database.   
 got any tips on how to do it?  
I did a few tests and have to say that it does not work. Kodi solves that internally and set the new episodes to a the same tv show from another path. So there is no way to get the episode ID in that way I use in the KI. Also I'm pretty shure that only episodes from one source from your other splittet tv shows can be synced (try it, it does not work).

But it looks like I can fix that if I use another way to get the episode list. Should be possible to get a list of all episodes with a path and file name filter. But atm I'm working on a new database structure (nearly done) and than I've to run many tests to get shure that I've created only 10 new bugs ;-)
Also tomorrow I fly to London for a few days, without a computer Smile 
 well if u do end up putting this on the todo list, at least thats something! thanks man!!! i currently i have a service setup on kodi that will tag the playcount to the nfo as soon as i finish an episode. then, i can just refresh the data on ember. and when i edit in ember, i just refresh manually in kodi. at least i can watch content tho. anyway, thanks for all the replies!
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