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(2018-06-10, 18:50)DanCooper Wrote:
(2018-06-10, 18:42)Boulder Wrote:
(2018-06-10, 18:35)tiwas Wrote: How can I set which language the movie names should be using? I'm in Norway, running the application in English and Win 10 in English - but it keeps translating the movie names for me. Any tip on how to stop this from happening?
I'd like to know that as well. I use a VPN and I'm being suggested movie names in the language whose server I happen to use.

Also, the release date is not the original one because "my location" is detected and used. I thought there was a workaround but I can't find it. 
Scraper language can be set by source (this language will be used as default for new movies) or custom by each movie over the context menu. You also can check wich language is actually set over the context menu.

The IMDb scraper is a little bit special and the results depends on your IP adress. For the best result you should use TMDb as primary scraper.

If you still get issues with the result please tell me the movie name, your language, the bad result value and what you want as result. Also tell me the scraper order you have used, so I can try to reproduce the issue. 
 All my sources have "en-US" as the default language but still it sometimes gets those incorrect titles. It doesn't do that nearly every time though..

OK, I'll try unchecking Release date and Year from the IMDB data, that should fix things. IMDB should have more information about the movies so I prefer having it as the primary scraper. One request though, I think I also opened a ticket for this: would it be possible to remove the country name from the certification/MPAA field? Now it says for example "Finland:K-12" which means it won't fit in the field in the skin interface.
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