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WIP Ember Media Manager ALPHA - Discussion Thread
(2018-07-02, 08:16)K0D1User1138 Wrote: I don't think EMM is working as I'd like. When trying to re-scrape JUSt release date I get a new folder created with a ton of actor thumbs and the nfo has a ton of things added to it that messes up the IMDb rating in Kodi. Plus the release date field overrides the premiered field and Kodi does not recognize release date when sorting by date. I may not have some settings correct but at this point this doesn't look like the solution I am looking for.
 You can enable each image type, trailers and themes under Settings => Movies => Files and Sources => File Naming.
NFO will always be created with all the information that Ember has in the database. What's exactly messed up with IMDB rating?
Looks like Kodi renamed the field from <releasedate> to <premiered> (like in tv show NFOs), so I've to change that in Ember. But it still works to sync that value with the Kodi Interface. I don't really understand why they don't added a fallback for NFOs with the original node name...
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