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Simply put the best media manager out there. I've tried a lot of different tools for this and there simply isn't anything more complete then Ember. I particularly like it for always getting the highest resolution thumbnails and artwork great for 4K tv users

However there is one little thing that makes this program feel very outdated and that would be the 260 character limit for scanning files. There are a few annoying issues with this in particular.

- It crashes the program right away forcing you to do a complete rescan of your media.
- It's not very particular about which file is causing the issue so you may need to rescan another time to figure out where the issue is coming from
- If the file is in a subfolder causing the issue the only way you can work around it is to move the file to a completely different folder

Now I can see if for some weird reason this is a limitation of the program even though Kodi's native scraping tools as well as Plex or Emby seemingly have no difficulties at all. But if there's no way around it can you at least change the way the program behaves?

- Not to make the program crash right away after finding a file that exceeds the limit
- Possibly ignore the file or mark it as unusable or whatever?

In case you're wondering as to where this might happen check out some of the tv shows causing this below.


Perhaps there are better ways to work around this then to move those files to different folders? For now at least a fix for this would be great

On another note is there anyway way to make this application automatically scan after a set interval or can it be somehow triggered by Kodi? I get the feeling there should be an option for that but I was unable to find it.
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