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(2018-10-23, 18:13)CaptainKen Wrote: I've always used the IMDB ID when Ember doesn't identify movie on it's own. Why is it referencing the TMDB ID all of the sudden, as I have not changed any settings.

Are you sure you didn't change the priorities of scrapers so that TMDb is higher up than IMDb?

(2018-10-23, 18:13)CaptainKen Wrote: One thing that is odd about the IMDB listing is that the title shows it's a 2015 movie, but the air date is 2018.
IMDb sees it as a season 5 special of the show Good Witch https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9163780/ Season 5 Episode 0. TMDb sees it as a movie https://www.themoviedb.org/movie/551423-...two-hearts, You put the IMDb id in the Manual TMDb Entry box it should have been 551423

Won't find it because IMDb is higher up than TMDb but you can just put in the IMDb id

This one
Finds it OK

If you do have IMDb above TMDb you won't get much data for the movie
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