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(2019-09-08, 13:29)Boulder Wrote:
(2019-09-08, 04:13)Hairy Hippy Wrote:
(2019-09-08, 03:19)Hairy Hippy Wrote: Hi @DanCooper 

It's been a while...

I needed to do a major update of things like ratings, MPAA etc and have noticed a few differences between what is being scrapped and what is on imdb.com.  For example, I tried to update all my Top 250s and EMM returned that all the ones that were originally in the top 250 are no longer on that list (returned blank), e.g. 2001 a space odyssey.  It also said that film had a rating of 8 (when refreshed/re-scrapped) yet when I check on IMDB (moments later) it states it has a rating of 8.3 and is #89 in the top 250, instead of now blank in EMM.

I decided to try a full re scrape of a movie instead of single field.  Stupidly I took one of my "foreign" language films to do this: Hauru no ugoku shiro, aka Howl's Moving Castle, rating in IMDB currently 8.2 and #129 in top 50.  The full re-scrape changed the name to English in both "title" and "original title" and made the rating 8.4 and taking out the old top 250 ranking altogether.

I have had a really good look around the settings, as I was playing with them, but cannot see any that would cause these issues.  I also seemed to recall, maybe in a prior version, there was a setting to force the title to be that of the original title; am I making that up?

@DanCooper  - Apologies, helps if I use the latest version... I was using 1.4.80, now using 1.4.90-alpha.git.99933648 from https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0...GhoSkRVWG8, which I assume is the latest?

However, whilst I am here, could I suggest a "new" feature:   currently have full re-scan and single field; be great to be able to select which fields you would like to update (e.g. rating, top 250, trailer) all at once rather than having to do a full or single.  

There is a way of doing that, see this post: 2742973 (post)

I don't know if there still is a bug with TV series that you also have to have something selected from the TV show level (like update the Status) or it won't work. But it should work with movies just fine. 
Excellent!!!  Thank you so much.
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