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So my previous post was marked in violation of the posting rules. I apologize, I didn't realize I was in violation and will read over all the posting guidelines/rules further so not to make the mistake again.

But to clarify, I used the word 'Wizard' and maybe out of context. I'll try to explain further to hopefully get clarification on what to and/or not to post.

I have created a skin, based off of another, that I put on my personal sticks and boxes. A couple of my family members and friends liked what I had done and asked me to load it on their sticks and/or boxes. Being that some of them were out of my immediate area, I tried to come up with an easy way for them to be able to install my build without my interaction. My result was hosting my build in my repo and providing them the address to download and install.

I am not profiting off of my build. I do not lock or restrict in any way, any part of my build and the code is freely downloadable and accessible.

Did I misuse the word Wizard or was I unclear with the description of my situation and/or my reasoning behind looking for a solution to my initial question?

I hope your following comments will help me better understand why my post was in violation so that I do not make the mistake in the future.

Thanks again!
Here is the O.P. -
Build\Wizards are not the correct way to install Kodi, skins, addons, settings..etc.
if you want to share you skin work with friends and people, create a custom version of your skin (called 'mod'), and let them install it, update the skin via your own repository.
if you want to share your addons with them - host them in your own repository as well, and make your skin download them automatically.

I answered your question there. your problem requires some programming skills.
I don't believe anyone else is going to answer your questions about wizards\build here. so.. good luck.
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Thanks tomer!! I didn't get a chance to thank you in the other thread but I did appreciate your response and thoughts!
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