Bug Kodi 16 Crashing
I keep finding my Nexus Player back at the Android home screen when I leave a video paused and it, annoyingly, doesn't create a resume point either.
So far it hasn't crashed while idle, still testing that, it's only when a video is paused.

The logs show the screensaver starting and loading images, then nothing. Kodi just closes without an obvious error being logged.
Timing wise it's random, this particular crash happened about 3mins after hitting pause.

I turned on full debug logging and captured the most recent crash; http://xbmclogs.com/pmggajgqq
I did have any issue with the screensaver earlier, but I believe it has been resolved. (http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=...pid2265789)

I'm not sure if it's Kodi 16, the Slideshow screensaver or Android.
I can't get it to crash while idle, only when a video is paused.

Full log from another crash; http://xbmclogs.com/planmc02g
I changed screensavers and have had over 6hrs crash-free. Only problem, there is nothing logged to implicate the Slideshow screensaver.

At a lose now. Would love a Kodi dev to look at the logs in the above posts.
Kodi 16 just stopped my movie for no reason and the screen went blank/black. I pressed a button on the remote and it imminently showed the Daydream screensaver, pressed another button and Kodi reappeared at the movie list.

I closed Kodi, grabbed the logs and went back to my movie.

Again here are the logs, again I'm expecting this post to be ignored, Devs don't seem to care about Android users.. http://xbmclogs.com/p2esvqlfp

Yet again, no errors. It just stopped. Kodi 16 clearly wasn't tested enough on Android.
14:47:56 T:18446744073117681968  NOTICE: CDVDPlayerAudio::OutputPacket duplicate 1 packets of duration 10
15:06:26 T:18446744073168779568  NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::CloseFile()

Last chance for Kodi 16, getting sick of all the random crashes and am close to just going back to the flawless Kodi 15.2. OVER IT!
This is only a guess, but my money is on a specific image file crashing Kodi. I've seen it happen in the past. I don't know why it happens, but there's certain images that Kodi freaks out on.
I did think if that and compared the last image in the log. They were different every time, but in saying that I realise I should limit the sideshow to just a couple images and see what happens. Just in case the "unliked" image is crashing before being logged. However, my sideshow image folder hasn't be updated in months, so if it is a dodgy image file; it's only effecting Kodi 16 or an updated screensaver plugin.

But today's issue, screen going blank mid-movie, can't be the screensaver.
.that sounds like Android thought the machine was idle and started its own screen saver. I've had it happen on my fire TV as well, but it's really rare.

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