Yellow square in corner pi3
hi all,

I'm getting a yellow square fading in and out at the corner of my screen, does anyone know what this means? i've only ever seen the rainbow icon before.


Quote:Why is there an orange/yellow square in the top right of the display?

This indicates that the Pi 3 is throttling CPU speed due to thermal limitations. There is a graceful reduction in ARM clockspeeds if the SoC exceeds 80°C and during this time a yellow square icon is rendered on-screen. Idle clockspeeds (600MHz) are forced if the SoC hits 85°C. If this is an issue for your application, buy a heatsink - even a small one will likely prevent throttling

I ordered this one myself
thanks for the quick reply, that makes sense, i will get a heatsink

I would also recommend not keeping the Pi inside a TV cabinet that's closed for example... There are certain cases that are better than others. What kind of case are you using and where is the Pi placed?
i'm using one of these:-

i've popped the top off of it at the moment and it seems to be okay, i'm still gonna get a heatsink for it though. its not in a cabinet.
Ah. What kind of media were you playing? h.264/h.265? resolution?

I wouldn't think that you would have any issue running Kodi in that case. Yes, I would say it's worth getting a heat sink either way.
Have you checked the temperature from Kodi? I believe you can see it in system information or one of the sub-menus under settings.
it was 1080p hevc that i was testing, the cpu was maxed out. I probably should have said that in my original post, sorry
Oh, well that does explain a lot. The Pi3 doesn't hardware decode HEVC. The RPi Foundation have basically said you should avoid maxing out the CPU for sustained periods. I don't really know if a heat sink will completely solve this issue if you're watching 1080P HEVC. It can't hurt to try though.
Yeah i was just testing to see how well it could cope, just done it again and waited to the square to appear. By the time i got into the menu the temperature was at 75 degrees.
for what its worth, 720p hevc plays fine and doesn't cause it to overheat
Well, I've read various users who say the temps are lowered by about 10 degrees after adding a heat sink. I will be sticking with h.264 for now, though maybe 720p hevc will be fine.
(2016-03-08, 15:47)nooryani84 Wrote: The RPi Foundation have basically said you should avoid maxing out the CPU for sustained periods.

No, I don't believe they have.
They have said that cpu throttling may occur when CPU is maxed out for sustained periods.
If that is a problem then a heat sink is recommended.

For some use cases like compiling a large program, the cpu throttling is perfectly acceptable (your laptop almost certainly does the same thing),
but for something like HEVC playback, where the throttling may cause dropped frames, then a heat sink is a sensible option.
Some here may be interested in last week's episode of Pimoroni's Bilge Tank blog as they did some thermal testing on a Pi3 and compared some heat sinks too. Not with Kodi, but the information may still be useful.
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i've just attached an old heatsink from my original rpi model b and it seems to have done the trick, I've put the top back on the case at that aswell. I'm still gonna get a more beefier one though.

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