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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-05-06, 03:41)J_E_F_F Wrote:
(2016-05-06, 00:42)Milhouse Wrote: version b870a5bbf6c662327916ee582c22309c9f997b3d (clean) (release)
New 4.6.0-rc6 kernel (clean build)

What do the (clean release) and (clean build) really mean?
No reverted items?

A "clean" build is a build from scratch - clearing the cache, building the toolchain, and every component of LibreELEC etc. This normally takes between 2 and 3 hours.

The alternative to a clean build is an incremental build where I only build what has changed since the previous build. This is much quicker, sometimes only 10 minutes, and is the type of build I use most often. Normally this type of incremental build is fine, but occasionally it can result in unpredictable behaviour when some components that have been dropped remain in the build, causing issues. Hence whenever there is any doubt about unexpected behaviour a clean build is a good idea. A clean build is also necessary when some components change that impact the whole OS, ie. libressl updates.

I sometimes add "clean build" to the release notes so that in 6 months time if I ever have to regression test this build for some reason, it might be useful to know...

"(clean) (release)" is probably best explained by popcornmix as it's a convention used by the Raspberry Pi Firmware repository (although popcornmix already answers it here).

(2016-05-06, 03:41)J_E_F_F Wrote: BTW, the link in the version (clean release) has been broken for quite some time.
That's not surprising, as it's not meant to be a link. The Kodi Forum software automagically recognises anything that looks like a Git revision (40 chars of [a-z0-9]) and displays it as a link to the Kodi Github repository. Since the Raspberry Pi firmware version is a Git revision (from the RPi Firmware repository), the forum software incorrectly displays this firmware version number as a link to the Kodi repository, which is totally bogus.
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