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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-05-07, 02:53)Milhouse Wrote:
(2016-05-01, 15:22)Milhouse Wrote:
(2016-05-01, 14:28)nexusle Wrote: I think my Pi boots too fast?

Kodi is supposed to wait until the video player process disappears from the process list. The video player should always start before Kodi, and the video player should disappear once the video has played out in full. If you are not seeing the whole video, then this suggests the video player process terminated (disappeared) before the end of the video. About the only other possibility, and I don't know why or how this could happen, is that Kodi is starting before the video player so that when Kodi queries if the video player is still running it sees nothing running and continues without any delay - the video player may then eventually start, and you see only the first half of the video (or something). This would actually suggest your system is booting really slowly, or in some weird order.

I'll add "ulimit -c unlimited" to in the next build, if the video player is crashing then we should get a core dump.

@nexusle: Is your splash video still not playing out completely? Do you have a hello_video.bin core dump file in /storage/.cache/cores? If so, can you run the following command (copy & paste it as a single line):
gdb /usr/bin/hello_video.bin --core="$(ls -1r /storage/.cache/cores/*hello_video.bin* | head -1)" --batch -ex "thread apply all bt" 2>/dev/null | paste
and paste the link.

If the video isn't playing out completely, but you don't have a core dump, then hello_video.bin probably isn't crashing - knowing this would also be useful information.

@Milhouse: I also have the issue that the splash video ends prematurely and have done some testing.

1. The hello_video.bin doesn't crash.
2. Normal reboot, the video ends as the white square starts to come out of the box.
3. Kodi debug reboot, the video plays to the end.
4. Running systemctl reboot kodi, the video plays to the end.

I wrote a script using to monitor the hello_video.bin process and noticed that the system time changes when it ends prematurely.

5. Normal reboot with the ethernet unplugged, the video plays to the end.
6. Normal reboot with connman/settings TimeUpdates=manual, the video plays to the end.

So it seems that hello_video.bin doesn't like the system time changing mid video and as it is a timing issue, it explains why it doesn't affect everybody the same.

Hope this helps.
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