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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-05-18, 04:52)Milhouse Wrote:
(2016-05-18, 04:00)ragedogg69 Wrote: Just as a data point: #0509 #0516 both give me the busy dialog on widgets in the Estuary Mod skin. Author claims no problems using your builds on his end. #0504 works perfectly fine with the mod. Default Estuary works fine on all your builds.

As pointed out by @Vimes there might be add-ons running in the background causing delays. Some skins install a lot of add-ons by default. My guess would be that these add-ons are triggering/causing small "stutters" in the GUI due to additional locking or busy-waiting. These stutters may be very noticeable on RPi1, and barely noticeable on Core i7, with RPi3 somewhere in between (is the Estuary Mod developer testing on RPi1/2/3, or i7?) All a total guess on my part, of course.

FernetMenta is currently on holiday but will hopefully have some ideas when he gets back (next week, I think).

Further to what I posted I had started to have some issues of stability. Using the virtual keyboard would be slow and not very responsive, taking several keypresses to register a key and then often cause a Kodi reboot. Also I noticed that Kodi was taking more memory to run than usual.

I backed up my library and then started fresh. LibreElec 7 with then a new install of the latest nightly (517). The only addons are the Amazon, Youtube. WOL, Dev Update, and Backup.

Previously I had the Estuary Skin mod and all the addons that were needed, quite a few. Also I had other skins installed, Mimic and Transparency.

With the clean install and no other skins, and addons used by installing them, the virtual keyboard works a treat and all has returned to normal. No lags or stutters etc have been seen so far.

Whether the above could have occurred by a problematic addon or not I do not know, nor have the skill to diagnose, I am just happy that the stability and performance has now returned to what I had priror to skin testing etc.
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