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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-05-18, 10:25)Vimes Wrote:
(2016-05-18, 04:52)Milhouse Wrote:
(2016-05-18, 04:00)ragedogg69 Wrote: Just as a data point: #0509 #0516 both give me the busy dialog on widgets in the Estuary Mod skin. Author claims no problems using your builds on his end. #0504 works perfectly fine with the mod. Default Estuary works fine on all your builds.

As pointed out by @Vimes there might be add-ons running in the background causing delays. Some skins install a lot of add-ons by default. My guess would be that these add-ons are triggering/causing small "stutters" in the GUI due to additional locking or busy-waiting. These stutters may be very noticeable on RPi1, and barely noticeable on Core i7, with RPi3 somewhere in between (is the Estuary Mod developer testing on RPi1/2/3, or i7?) All a total guess on my part, of course.

FernetMenta is currently on holiday but will hopefully have some ideas when he gets back (next week, I think).

Further to what I posted I had started to have some issues of stability. Using the virtual keyboard would be slow and not very responsive, taking several keypresses to register a key and then often cause a Kodi reboot. Also I noticed that Kodi was taking more memory to run than usual.

I backed up my library and then started fresh. LibreElec 7 with then a new install of the latest nightly (517). The only addons are the Amazon, Youtube. WOL, Dev Update, and Backup.

Previously I had the Estuary Skin mod and all the addons that were needed, quite a few. Also I had other skins installed, Mimic and Transparency.

With the clean install and no other skins, and addons used by installing them, the virtual keyboard works a treat and all has returned to normal. No lags or stutters etc have been seen so far.

Whether the above could have occurred by a problematic addon or not I do not know, nor have the skill to diagnose, I am just happy that the stability and performance has now returned to what I had priror to skin testing etc.

I'm still having issues with the "working...." busy dialog coming up all the time. I know I'm not supposed to be testing the milhouse builds with other skins, but I've been using the Aeon Nox5: SiLVO skin for absolutely ages without many issues and this is the first real problem I've encountered. Below is a post I just made in the skin thread pertaining to this issue, with the reply from the skin designer below it.


Trixster Wrote:
Hi, sorry if this has been addressed and I've missed it, but I'm having a problem with the skin and a fix to pr#9778 PluginDirectory

I'm using the skin with the latest RaspberryPi builds made by MilHouse. All builds upto 0507 work fine but any builds since which have included pr#9778 have caused major delays with the Silvo skin. The "working...." dialog keeps popping up and slows the UI to a complete crawl with widgets and some addons taking an age to load or work thereafter.

The version of the silvo skin I'm using is 5.9.0-3.0.3 which i assume is the latest build for krypton?

Here is a debug log from just after a reboot having updated to the latest 0518 build.


Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about that. It either must be solved in core or all plugins need to updated to use a different method. Seems like we might have to wait for some bickering to subside and a compromise is found. If not the only solution is to completely remove all the good stuff like widgets, autocompletion, extended info integration in DialogVideoInfo. Hopefully it will be solved in the not too distant future without any drastic/complicated changes for all parties of interest.
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