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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-07-11, 21:52)smp1 Wrote: Nevermind my previous post, I did more testing and no errors in Bob mode after 6 hours of running the HD channel. Is it normal that the Advanced mode doesn't work properly with TVH on RPi3? Will it make sense to overclock the GPU? I will try "h264_freq=1000" and leave it on an HD channel overnight.

h264_freq=1000 doesn't make sense. The maximum overclock is around 500.

I believe the issue is sdram bandwidth. advanced deinterlace takes enough sdram bandwidth that it can interfere with some types of dvb dongle.
polo_joe did have a similar issue, but he changed the dvb dongle to a different make which didn't have the issue.

So, options are:
use bob deinterlace
use a different dvb dongle
run the dongle/backend on a separate machine
overclock sdram
tweak the sdram priorities

If you are happy to do some experiments, there are a few controls that affect sdram priorities which I'd like to know if they can help.
The most likely one to help is v3d_limiter which defaults to 0x0880f1. The bits define as:
bit 0 is "enable"
bits 7:4 are "max_priority" (don't limit if priority is greater than this, so set to 0xf)
bits 15:8 are "increment" (add this to 8-bit counter every time we see a transaction)
bits 23:16 are "holdoff" (number of cycles to disable the bus for when 8-bit counter overflows)

So, to reduce artefacts (although at the cost of making the deinterlace take longer which could result in skips),
you want to either increase the "holdoff" (the initial 08), or increase the "increment" (the next 80).

As the increment is already quite high, the holdoff is more likely to help. Can you try with it increased to 0x10?
i.e. add v3d_limiter=0x1080f1 to config.txt and reboot and test. If that doesn't help, then try v3d_limiter=0x2080f1.
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