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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-09-03, 19:49)cojms1 Wrote:
(2016-09-03, 19:41)popcornmix Wrote: Are you quite sure about it starting in #826? Hard to imagine any changes there that could affect this.

Afraid so. Went backwards and forwards a few times. I couldn't see anything in the release post either that I thought would do it. I have also spotted that the filename holding the settings has changed as well. It used to be rpi_2708_1001.xml but now seems to be rpi_2708_1001_CEC Adapter.xml. I'm not sure which version introduced this. I did spot this as the name for the CEC device had changed when I did the original update to latest. When I wet into the CEC settings in Kodi I realised that my settings had disappeared. I set them backup and this new file was created. Working through the versions I left that file in place so not sure, as I said, which version introduced it.

The last libCEC updates were in #0801 and #0802b (click on the "+15" link next to the libcec entry at the top of the latest release notes to see all changes added to libcec that are not in upstream LE master).

Build #0826 is the first build to use "rpi_2708_1001_CEC Adapter.xml" instead of "rpi_2708_1001.xml". This is due to the changes in PR10309, specifically here.

The change of name is likely to cause a few support headaches when users upgrade to the new version of Kodi 17 and complain their CEC is broken (or at least not behaving as it did before the upgrade).

As for why the TV no longer goes into standby, I can only imagine right now that you've not configured CEC the same as you had it before (ie. the settings you had in #0825) - you'd have picked up the default CEC values when booting into #0826. Can you pastebin your rpi_2708_1001.xml and rpi_2708_1001_CEC Adapter.xml files?

You could also try:
systemctl stop kodi
cd /storage/.kodi/userdata/peripheral_data
mv rpi_2708_1001.xml "rpi_2708_1001_CEC Adapter.xml"
and you should have exactly the same CEC setup in #0826+ as you had prior to #0826.
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