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(2016-09-13, 15:13)pyrodex Wrote: I noticed last night and previous night when playing a 5.1 audio show that after a pause and play there is a chance where the audio channels don't come back properly. For example on 9/11 I paused the show we were watching to talk a second and hit play again but then the center channel which carried the voices was missing, we heard audio from the other channels but the actors had no voices. Last night on 9/12 we paused the show to talk and upon hitting play the actors sounded like they were really far away at the end of a tunnel. On both occasions hitting stop and play again resolved the issue, I was even able to skip back and go over the same scene to ensure there was no video corruption.

Can you try a few things to narrow it down (one at a time, set them back if they don't help - you may need to set settings level to expert first):
In system/audio settings set "Keep audio device alive" to "always"
Does enabling omxplayer in video/acceleration settings help?
Does enabling passthrough in system/audio settings help?
In system/audio settings does setting "resample quality" from gpu to medium help?

What are you connected to? e.g. Pi->AV receiver->TV? Make and model?
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