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(2016-09-20, 02:54)smp1 Wrote: @popcornmix
I noticed that some DVDs now default to "Bob" deinterlace instead of "Advanced" and there is no way to change the deinterlace method manually (during the playback of those DVDs) - it always stays at "bob x2".

That is by design. Advanced deinterlace uses 3 input frames to produce an output frame. Bob only uses one.
Using advanced deinterlace on DVD menus, which may just contain a single frame of video was the cause of the menuing bug reported earlier.

So during DVD menus we force Bob deinterlace.

Normally when you switch from menus to the main feature on a DVD, the stream is restarted without the "menu" flag and we enable advanced deinterlace.
But on the sample you provided the menu just continues seamlessly into the feature so we never switch back.

How common is this behaviour? Does it occur on any mainstream films?
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