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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-10-04, 18:08)smp1 Wrote: Did anyone notice that omxplayer is far more stable than mmal for live tv usage? I'm yet to find a build that doesn't crash/lockup/reboot within 72 hours when using mmal. Switched to omxplayer a few days ago and so far so good. The only issue is much slower channel switching (when switching from one HD channel to another).

for me mmal is as stable if not more than omx for live tv.
I use a rpi1 (overclocked) for milhouse's test builds and it runs for days until I upgrade to the next version around once a week, in between the rpi1 is on 24/7 and I watch tv on it in my bedroom several hours every day and sometimes I just turn the tv off and let the stream run. the bedroom tv is a old 42" plasma which only has dvi/analog audio the resolution is only 848x480 but it takes 720p and scales it, the kodi gui looks much better at this resolution; for example the system info screen shows weird chars in native SD mode (bug?). the streams are between SD interlaced where I use default advanced de-interlace and 720p and also seems to look better if the tv scales them, but that is other story.
furthermore as another user noticed; sometimes omx has a hard time recovering if the are weak signal/errors in the stream which seem to get worse if sync playback to screen is on. mmal recovers from this immediately, sync to screen or not.

as a sidenote: when I upgrade I have encountered the kodi crash, sometimes a more underlying crash where I can't connect via. ssh or I can login with the user but after the password the ssh client (putty) hangs or more likely the daemon on the rpi hangs.
the next boot is fine just about every time. and it does not happen again only with the very first boot of an upgrade.

thanks for your tremendous effort and down to earth attitude, you guys are the best and set a great example others could learn from! Wink
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