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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
New Krypton build #1007: RPi / RPi2
(Supercedes previous build)

# uname -a
Linux rpi512 4.8.0 #1 Fri Oct 7 22:45:15 BST 2016 armv6l GNU/Linux

# vcgencmd version
Oct  4 2016 19:03:30
Copyright (c) 2012 Broadcom
version c844c61ad08f94946910d0d5e1be076df4c8c56d (clean) (release)

# lsb_release
LibreELEC (Milhouse) - Version: devel-20161007224351-#1007-g4b4b704 [Build #1007]

Based on tip of master (4b4b7044, changelog) and tip of XBMC master (04efe885, changelog) with the following modifications:
  • Includes newclock5 patches
  • Excludes the LibreELEC linux-01-RPi_support patch in favour of sourcing these and possibly more recent patches directly from kernel branch rpi-4.8.y
  • Includes latest bcm2835-driver master (ec63df14)
  • Includes latest kodi-platform master (c8188d82)
  • Includes latest libcec master (62b8520c, ahead +15)
  • Includes latest libnfs master (048e7737, ahead +59)
  • Includes latest p8-platform master (041a8c6c, ahead +1)
  • Includes latest addons: inputstream.mpd (b45f98ff, +8), inputstream.rtmp (70cb86f6), inputstream.smoothstream (081c6c43), peripheral.joystick (abff3165), pvr.argustv (87cb6780), pvr.demo (01c68c88), pvr.dvblink (e842db92), pvr.dvbviewer (f72c62ff), pvr.filmon (675c2b4e), pvr.hdhomerun (eef1bd15), pvr.hts (c091da30), pvr.iptvsimple (a4c52558), pvr.mediaportal.tvserver (845479b6), pvr.mythtv (b1b426f3), pvr.nextpvr (f99b17d3), pvr.njoy (b5d65655), pvr.pctv (d6d969fe), pvr.stalker (168e35f7), pvr.vbox (c966c5fd), pvr.vdr.vnsi (dd95edef), pvr.vuplus (7ab30d34), pvr.wmc (d9eac84f)
  • Exclude [env] libcec-PR208.patch: merged upstream (libcec)
  • Include [env] patch: Add kodi binary addons (pvr, adsp, other)
  • Include [env] patch: Don't build ADSP addons
  • Include [env] patch: linux: use in-tree rtl8192cu for RPi/RPi2
  • Include [env] patch: Bump included addon versions to prevent online updates
  • Include [env] patch: Add experimental splash video for RPi
  • Include [env] patch: HACK: Disable multiple PVR addons during migration. Always enable inputstream.* and os.*
  • Include [env] PR:759: linux: update to linux-4.8.0 [WIP]
  • Include [env] PR:792: scripts/build: use MinSizeRel cmake build type
  • Include [env] PR:796: scripts/build: cleanup
  • Include [env] PR:800: xf86-video-intel: enable dri3 and make it default
  • Include [env] PR:807: Network: smb & ntfs config mods
  • Include [env] PR:810: path: remove regex dependency when processing packages
  • Include [env] PR:812: libdrm: update to libdrm-2.4.71
  • Include [env] PR:813: scripts/build: no need to setup toolchain twice and before really building
  • Revert [env] 46b9b7b3: rtmpdump (Reason: use newclock5 bump)
  • Revert [env] PR:793: projects/*/options: disable lcdproc for all projects except Generic/Virtual (Reverted until add-on available)
  • Include [pkg] patch: [skin.estuary] Hide watched items on home (kodi-theme-Estuary)
  • Include [pkg] PR:8824: videodb: fix smart playlists not honoring "Show empty TV shows" setting.
  • Include [pkg] PR:10370: Add settings to control notification rumble duration and strength
  • Include [pkg] PR:10543: [platform] - add unique hardware identifier as info label
  • Include [pkg] PR:10572: [CryptThreading] replace hardcoded value for CRYPTO_LOCK by macro
  • Include [pkg] PR:10641: [video] fix NFO parsing of <namedseason>'s
  • Include [pkg] PR:10651: VideoPlayer: drop some outdated pullup correction code that does more…
Build Highlights:
  1. Fix device tree overlays loading during boot
  2. Bump settings - fix "About" text
  3. Temporarily restore lcdproc
Build Details:
    • linux: extra options for Baytrail and 32-bit EFI (PR:752, 1 commit, 2 files changed)
    • init: make sure /storage permissions are correct (PR:811, 1 commit, 2 files changed)
    • kodi: update to update to 17.0-beta3-7041777 (PR:803, 5 commits, 22 files changed)
    • C2/Hub/Play2: Simplify passthrough audio (PR:806, 2 commits, 9 files changed)
    • settings: bump to 0.8.3 (PR:817, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • kodi: aarch64-patches fix 1080p to 2160p GUI and video scaling (61621c42)
    • [aml] remove now unused renderskip hiding patch (#815) (2712095b)
  2. XBMC:
    • [gui] fix bug when opening playlists with smartplaylisteditor several times (PR:9545, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • allow http header icy-metadata (PR:10635, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • guilib: fix initial focus when opening GUiMediaWindow with plugin con… (PR:10634, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • [utils] drop AsyncFileCopy from Makefile, too (PR:10643, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • [gui] field and operator buttons from label2 to label (PR:10645, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • [estuary] another sync, misc fixes / additions (PR:10646, 1 commit, 14 files changed)
    • [cmake] Improve documentation (PR:10538, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • Fix remixers node to use string constant (PR:10648, 1 commit, 2 files changed)
    • [tests][fix] Fix tests on win32 (PR:10638, 1 commit, 4 files changed)
  3. newclock5:
    • Commits no longer in build:
      • Revert "mmalrender: Use computed framerate rather than version from configure" (b2687938)
  4. kernel 4.8.y:
    • New commits in this build:
      • scripts/mkknlimg: Change string for DDT detection (ee19734e)
  5. Additional commits/pull requests/changes not yet merged upstream:
    • Reverted: [env] PR:793: projects/*/options: disable lcdproc for all projects except Generic/Virtual (Reverted until add-on available)
    • Added: [pkg] PR:10651: VideoPlayer: drop some outdated pullup correction code that does more…
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