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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-10-11, 18:13)popcornmix Wrote:
(2016-10-11, 17:46)drdwridav Wrote: Is there any other adjustment I can try?

Yes, I did add some settings for this sort of thing. Let me check...
okay, by default there is a config.txt setting:

which decodes to:

When changing hdmi mode we "mute" the signal (not an audio mute, but telling the display to ignore the signal during the change).
Possibly your display will be happier with a longer mute either before or after the hdmi mode change.

What I would suggest is to try doubling it a few times to see if that helps. Try, in order, one setting at a time each of these:
and see if any of those makes the display happier.

e.g. Add "hdmi_muting=0x00640032", reboot. Test video playback. If no better try "hdmi_muting=0x00c80064", reboot. Test video playback, etc.

Champion! 99% there.
The first two settings made no difference

hdmi_muting=0x019200c8 worked. Film starts fine in 3D. On exiting it takes me back to 2D, though it's a bit 'messy' with the screen flashing between black and the menu three or four times before settling down.

hdmi_muting=0x03200192 is much 'cleaner'. Exit film, screen goes black for a while, then back to menu in 2D (perfect). The only problem with this one is that when you start a 3D film it actually starts in the background behind the menu and I then have to select fullscreen.

Is there a fine tweak now based on the above I could try?

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